Peter Krenz

Peter Krenz is an emerging Canadian painter. His generous and bold artwork, which is done on a heroic scale and relies on a palette of electric colors, records the intensity of his own perceptual experiences as they simultaneously capture and transfigure the subject of the portrait. His art career goals include gaining museum representation throughout the world, reconnecting the public to art, and inspiring others to fight through the attrition of day-to-day life.

Krenz was born in 1984 in Grand Forks, British Columbia and grew up in the suburbs of Calgary, Alberta. He attended the University of Calgary and earned his Bachelors degree in 2010. He then moved to Toronto, where he currently resides.

Krenz’s Calgary upbringing shaped his understanding of the dynamics of the image and cultivated his appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of luxury items such as jewelry and furniture, which assert a strange presence in his works. As much as his paintings invoke a sense of realism, their emphasis on the uncanny, the wonder, and the artificial–all revealed through the use of striking metallic hues–invites the audience to discover the hidden affects, desires, and forces that circulate beneath the more recognizable currents of contemporary culture.